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Career Transition:

Going through Redundancy?  

           Get Ready with the Clarity Program

This personalised and comprehensive face to face program is designed to support you as you go through redundancy so that you will have a very clear view of where you are heading and how to get there with confidence.


The Program will be tailored to your needs with a range of the following choices: 


  • A focused Strategy Session to agree on the What Where and When of the Get Ready Program

  • 1:1 coaching to determine what your Best New Path could be: might this be an opportunity to decide on a change of direction in a completely new role?

  • Detailed Assistance with your CV and LinkedIn Profile

  • Stages of Letting Go of what has been familiar in the current job and accepting the exciting new choices ahead

  • Understanding the natural process of Change and Transition and how this can make the journey much easier

  • Styling Yourself for your interview: Creating the right look to say “I’m the best candidate for this job”

  • Coaching to become Interview Ready: practising answering the potential questions with confidence. The psychology of the interview situation

  • Presentation Techniques  Coaching To Impress if this is part of your interview

  • Confidence Enhancer Techniques 1:1 coaching to build confidence, self-esteem and free you from whatever you believe your barriers to success are: how the language you use has a massive effect on your mindset and behaviour

  • Management of Precious Time / Organisational Skills / Assertiveness:  training on these essential Personal Development areas

  • A follow up session to Review the Results


If you think this is a brilliant idea then contact Clare to discuss your way forward

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