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Life Coaching is Life Changing

Get inspired to achieve things you never thought you could do.

I can show you how to find fast track solutions to your work / life difficulties.

Schedule a FREE

consultation  / strategy session with Clare
This is a No Obligation meet up for about 45 mins to find out if we would be a
good fit for coaching/training.  Just enter your details ON THE CONTACT PAGE then HIT SEND, and I'll be in touch...

So, here's some FAQs about what you can expect with Clare as your Coach:

  • Who comes for Coaching?
    People saying "I've had enough of this!" "I'm stuck and I don't know how to move forward!" "I'm ready to change, I just don't know where to start!"

  • ​Is it all about work?
    Usually home / relationship topics come up too as coaching has a holistic approach to finding your work / life balance

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire and Strategy Session
    A Survey Monkey short questionnaire is completed by the person enquiring about coaching. A Strategy Session follows shortly afterwards and establishes if the parties are a good fit for coaching. During this no charge, no obligation, 45 minutes, we develop the responses from the Pre-Coaching Questionnaire, establish the need for coaching, the barriers you are experiencing, what your initial goals are. An outline plan is drawn up with milestones, targets, dates of sessions, fee plan and terms and conditions agreed  

  • What happens at a Coaching Session?
    Depending on your needs, I employ a combination of Coaching , Neuro Linguistic Programing, Law of Attraction concepts, Personal Development Techniques, Leadership and Management Training. I ask you questions and you get lightbulb moments when the answers become 
    very clear.  Then you start to find your way forward. No judging, always encouragement: it’s an alliance between the two parties, always with the best interests of the client at its heart. I keep you on track.

  • How often would we meet?
    Typically every 2 weeks for 1 hour for 3 -6 months. This is very flexible and is discussed at the initial Strategy Session

  • Coach, will you please just tell me what to do?
    Never! The power of Coaching is that you make your own decisions about what is best for you once we've untangled all your options

  • Is there any other support?
    Yes: you are able to keep in touch by email between sessions and receive a reply within 24 hours

  • Added Value
    Access to a private Facebook page so that clients can post questions and receive ongoing support / Newsletter / Regular blogs / Recommended reading / Freebies as they are developed in addition to the Special Report (see Home Page) Also there's a Money back guarantee if after everything has been done there is a specific reason that you're not happy with the results

  • What is expected of the client in the coaching relationship?
    Clients are expected to be ready and open to change, to follow through on the actions planned at sessions, to willingly embark on a journey of self –discovery. To keep their coach fully informed of any material changes in their circumstances

  • Want to hear what people are saying about Clare's coaching?
    Take a quick swiz at the Testimonials page

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