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2 People Same Company Different Mindset

Guy B!

While I was training a group recently, I met 2 guys from the same Company:

One had skin that was exploding in sores, was grey faced and looked really unhappy with his lot, tired and ill (A)

The other was bright and fresh and looked vibrant and happy (B)

One had a 2 month old baby so wasn't getting much sleep and the other one lived alone:

Q Which one was B?

A It was the new father!

So what was going on here? After chatting to them both even briefly, it became very clear that the difference was the the language they used about their circumstances which in turn was guiding their mindset.

The single guy talked about being stuck with having to pay the motgage on his own, no time to himself as he was working round the clock, and how his home was a complete mess. Is it a surprise that his health was suffering?

The new father talked about the joy of going home to see his little girl, the future he and his wife were building, how he wanted to learn more so he could move up the management ladder, and yes he worked long hours too.

Some of the differences between these two guys were: Clarity of Purpose / enjoying the present time no matter what difficulties there are/ anticipating a good future.


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